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Business Planning - tough right?  You may be mistaken. Realistically, there's a simple guideline to follow and it's easy to use. We're here to show you how simple and easy this is to initiate and execute. Utilising Quarterly and Yearly goals that we will create together, you will will find yourself around 75% more productive in reaching these goals using our systems.


KPIs and KRAs - boost morale and give a clear indicator to both the employees and management as to the direction each team member is headed. Here at Surge we pride ourselves in working with true statistical data incorporating friendly and easy ways to track success to ensure your teams are growing, the business and revenue is growing.​


So you've learnt how to increase Revenue through the ETC Process and Sales Training. Now how's the best way to structure your Event Management skills to ensure a smooth customer journey from beginning to end? There's a fine art to Account Management and we have the templates, the guidelines and the structured training to ensure you're doing it the right way. 


80% of the business we have worked with are yet to use Conversion Rates the way they are meant to be used. Understanding how to generate the conversion rate for your business, your teams and individual employees is simple - we also train you on how to read and interpret Conversion rates and how to implement a year long goal plan to increase or stabilise this percentage.


Do you have a small or large scale Event you require an experienced Event Manager to do all the work for you? No project is too small or too big for our team - we have over 18 years experience in the Event Management fields and are more organised than a high paid Clutter Consultant. 

Site Inspections are one of our largest and easy to use training guides that will give your company and your team results in 24 hours. You will see improvements so quickly you'll wonder why you took so look to arrange this 1 day training. 



Do you have an Event Manager taking a month of leave? Is there a Maternity Leave on the cards?

We're here to take the pressure off other team members and ensure your current clients are being nurtured, your enquiries are getting answered and your Sales are continuing to grow. We have the experience, maturity and knowledge to be able to cover this process and hand back the clients well looked after and cared for. 

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