4 week course

1.5 hours per week

Online or Live & Interactive

Train in the knowledge and understanding of the Events & Wedding Sales topics and subjects in order to get the Events job you are looking for or gain a greater understanding of the Events & Wedding Sales process, learn new tools to make your work more enjoyable and produce better results for the business.

About the Events & Wedding Sales 101 Course

We’ve developed a fun and interactive learning space to ensure you get the best results – there’s room for questions, feedback and case scenarios related to the business you are working with / the business you are looking to work with. This is a 4 week course producing a well rounded understanding of Events & Wedding Sales with easy to learn and simple to use techniques to ensure you are beginning the journey on increasing revenue through Event Sales for businesses.

What will you learn?

In this fun, interactive and live training, you'll learn:


  • Definitions of Event Sales

  • Difference between Event Management and Event Sales

  • The importance of sales in every job role (your current and future positions)

  • Amalgamation of Marketing and Event Sales teams

  • E.T.C Process

  • Enquiries – understanding the difference between Reactive & Proactive

  • Importance of Reporting & Tracking

  • Honesty and truth in Event Sales

  • Qualification Process

  • How to effectively create email templates

  • Tentative holds

  • Converting Enquiries

  • Negotiation tools and how to convert enquiries sooner

  • Enquiry reporting tool

  • Enquiry reporting process

  • Time Management and how to use it to better your day to day


Plus take home:

  • Enquiry reporting template

  • Enquiry reporting procedure

  • Email templates designed specifically for your business

  • Confidence to start the journey to increase your conversions and the business sales


When are the next courses in 2020?

Monthly! Sign up for the next course now!

Why choose the Events & Wedding Sales 101 course?

Having structure and guidelines in Event & Wedding Sales is key to the beginning of the journey of increasing Sales for any business. This course provides the 101 training to be able to initiate the knowledge, understanding and development of the Event & Wedding Sales area of various job roles.



Who are you?

Hospitality Staff

Aspiring Event Coordinators

Aspiring Wedding Coordinators

Junior Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators

Wedding Coordinators

Event Managers

Wedding Planners

Marketing Teams

Business and Venue owners


"Only costs

3 coffees per week!"

Content delivered to your inbox each week. Complete the training and activities at a time that suits you. No makeup required!

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