Building the backbone of your Events Department is integral for the future development of your team, the future sales and proactive progress. Here at Surge, we make it our priority to increase your revenue and drive your team to success. 

Qualifying your current procedures, knowledge and understanding of the customer process, we curate a training program specifically designed to your business to ensure the results are maximised. Working and training using our own (proven successful) policies and procedures we introduce an improved way of working that will not only optimise your Sales but will increase your Customer Relations and place you at the top end of the Event Sales game - ahead of your competitors. 

We utilise your current CRM systems, or introduce simple to use

Microsoft systems to ensure your procedures are tailored specifically 

to your business. You can be a small start up, or a large group with

multiple businesses - we ensure your needs are met.

Our track record proves the successes of our way of working and when

trained to the right people, will guarantee an increase in revenue. 

Think about it - the training will pay for itself in the first week of implementation. Why would you say no?



Anyone can sell, but how STRATEGIC are your processes?

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

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