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4 week course

1.5 hours per week


Feel like you're a good Event/Wedding Coordinator or Manager? Able to convert some enquiries and host some good Events/Weddings? What if there was more to your role than you know? What if there were tools we could teach you to become the BEST at your job, upskill you for positions, teach your bosses a thing or 2 AND do it all more relaxed and in a shorter amount of time? We've created a super fun and educational environment to give you all the tools you need INCLUDING how to proactively work on your clients to streamline your processes and get greater feedback!

About the Event Sales & Event Management Course

Did you know there are ways to Proactively become a better Event Manager, not only better in communication tools to your clients internally and to your Operations team and business owners, but in your day to day and management of your job role as a whole? With training anyone can gain the title of Event Manager, however, we have the tools to provide you with the knowledge to work SMART-er not harder. With over 20 years experience in all facets of Events from Weddings to Corporate, we have created a course that is specifically here for you to be better at your job. The outcome is that you will certainly enjoy the day to day much more than ever before and you will be able to showcase your new talents to the Business Owners.


What will you learn?

In this fun, interactive and live training, you'll learn:


  • Checklists for your Clients – external and Internal

  • Wedding / Corporate / Social Event differences and how to tailor your communication specifically to these clients

  • Proactive Account Management – how to be on top your client files and create a smoother experience for your clients, your managers, your operations team and yourself

  • Feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Conflict Resolution & responding to feedback

  • Streamlining all your new skills utilising the tools we supply you with to be the best Event Manager you can be – resulting in a more enjoyable and organised job role


Plus take home:

  • Wedding Event Checklist

  • Corporate/Social Event Checklist

  • Conference Event Checklist

  • Proactive Account Management Goal Plan


When are the next courses?

COMING SOON! Sign up for the next course now!



Why choose the Event Sales & Proactive Event Management course?

Simple really – upskill you in your current role or bring together all that you have experienced in your job role and initiate better ways to do things. You will learn how fun your job role can be, being super organised and having more confidence to complete the tasks you have in front of you. Your managers will respect you more as you will have the tools to be able to proactively work on your clients, resulting in happier clients, happier managers and happier you!


Who are you?

Event Coordinators

Event Managers

Wedding Coordinators

Wedding Planning

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing Managers

Event Sales Managers

Business Development Managers

Business and Venue owners


Content delivered to your inbox each week. Complete the training and activities at a time that suits you. No makeup required!