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1.5 day Intensive Course

In Person - Byron Bay, NSW

Flights & Accommodation Included*

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$1996 + gst plus commissions

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This course has been designed and developed to increase your knowledge and understanding of Proactive Sales and increase revenue for your business through the Proactive Sales Process in a focused, creative, and encouraging space in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. We provide you with the short break you need from the BAU – an exclusive out of office experience where you can completely focus to produce the best results for your business. Incorporating simple to use processes, extremely hands on and interactive training – you will leave Byron Bay with a personalised tailored 6 month Proactive Sales plan for the business you work in.


About the Proactive Event Sales Course

Day 1: You will be flown to Byron Bay from your residing destination*, check into the pre-arranged accommodation and meet the team at our training venue. Here we will run through our Introduction to Proactive Sales, Conversions, Measuring Success and our outline into heavy lifting on day 2. We will end evening 1 with a relaxing and unwinding experience.


Day 2: Start the morning fresh with a Lighthouse Walk – take in the beautiful surroundings Byron Bay has to offer before we jump into our day of action, creativity & implementation. We will meet at our training venue and spend the first hour reviewing each business and the subject matter outlined in day 1 – then it’s all hands on deck. You will be creating your individual Proactive Sales Plans for the business you are working on. Our training will incorporate individual tasks, goals and measurements specifically tailored for you. You will enjoy a personalised experience throughout this process, being guided and led throughout your journey leaving no stone unturned. You will complete the day feeling confident, passionate, driven & excited to get back to work, present your Proactive Sales Plan and hit the ground running.

To end our Day 2, we will lash out on a dinner with cocktails and canapes to review our accomplishments, solidify your newly built relationships and mindfully relax and prepare for the next 6 months – you’ll be miles ahead of the game with the tools you need in your hands.


What will you learn?

In this offsite, in person & interactive training, you'll learn:


  • Definitions of Proactive Sales

  • Difference between Reactive Revenue and Proactive Revenue

  • Enquiry, Tentative Conversion Process

  • Time Management and Scheduling

  • Reporting on Proactive Sales

  • Follow Up Procedures

  • Customer Journey

  • Conversion Reporting

  • Measuring Success

  • Nurturing Lost Business

  • Introduction Emails

  • Email Templates

  • Phone Sales & Introductions

  • Proactive Account Management

  • Creating a 6 month Sales Plan

  • Establishing Effectiveness & Efficiency in your planning

  • Understanding Proactive Sales Scheduling

  • Managing Expectations & Managing Up

  • How to use new systems to assist your way of working



Plus take home:

  • Personalised 6 month Proactive Sales Plan

  • Access to our online System for increasing revenue for your business

  • A new outlook on Proactive Sales

  • Skills and Tools to effectively manage your goals and expectations of business owners

  • Confidence to start the journey to Proactively sell your business



When are the next Courses:

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Why choose the Proactive Event Sales Course?

We Surge are the first of its kind in a very niche area of business – this makes us experts in the field ready to share all the knowledge and experience we have gained to boost your confidence and give you the tools you need. We’re not shy in sharing and are extremely passionate about your success – so much so that we don’t succeed in this course unless you do. You will enjoy a mini holiday from your BAU in the gorgeous Byron Bay where you will receive continued support for your development including some enticing incentives along the way.


Who are you?

Event Coordinators

Event Managers

Event Sales Coordinators

Event Sales Managers

Business Development Managers

Venue Sales Managers

Sales Teams

Marketing Teams

Business and Venue owners




*Flights from Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra included, other destinations may come with additional charges


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